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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kent State Shootings

Our government has officially decided to acknowledge the historical significance of the shootings which took place in 1970. They placed 17 acres on the national register of historic places.

Those kids shouldn't be blamed for protesting the gruesomely un-necessary Vietnam War. It's a shame that today's wars don't get the same opposition. Yes there was some protest back when Iraq started. But it wasn't nearly the same intensity. Our perpetually militaristic leaders have become very successful in cultivating a pro-war "support the troops" attitude among the populace.

War is still the single most important issue facing our country. The middle eastern occupation is being sold to the public as "defending America". This is just as much of a load of bullocks now as it was back then.


Mark Mori said...

If you want the best account of the Kent State shootings check out the Emmy Award winning documentary, "Kent State, The Day the War Cam Home." It's being released on DVD for the upcoming 40th anniversary. In its review of the program, The Hollywood Reporter stated, "This extraordinary hour long doc is so good, so well constructed, that it can't help but leave viewers feeling as if they themselves were on the bloody scene of the Kent State carnage..." for more go to

darjen said...

Mark, thanks for the comment, I will take a look when I have some time. My wife is from Kent so I've been down there lots of times.

darjen said...

Just watched the preview on your site... it looks pretty good. Wife says she grew up watching your film. Excellent work! Thanks again for stopping by.