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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cuyahoga county children services

A heartbreaking story in the Plain Dealer details the horrendous abuse that a pair of foster care children survived. Having bounced around different families, they were found by the aunt of a caregiver just before they starved to death.

Department director Deborah Forkas admitted the need for "reform". What are the chances that any reform will hold government agents responsible for the abuse they inflict on these children by placing them in obviously unfit homes?

Sad stories like this is exactly what we get when we allow the government to have the power to decide where neglected children will be raised. This is because government bureaucrats are so rarely held accountable for their massive incompetence.

The story reports that Deborah Forkas has appointed an outside panel to review agency policies. I wonder how many children will die before we hear about any possible conclusions. Sounds to me like the two boys in this story finally lucked out and escaped any further abuse.