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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Give us your money (in the name of public safety)

Toledo's government is getting desperate for money. So much that they will disable or tow anyone's car they find that has unpaid red light camera tickets. In the name of public safety, of course. It's great that violent crime is down so much in the city that officers have time to go around collecting revenue for the state. Or not.

Public safety is the reason they claimed to install these camras on traffic lights. But now they are being used as nothing more than an ATM for the cash-strapped city. God knows what would happen if the police or city government would one day just up and disappear. I think we would all be better off... even though it likely won't happen any time soon.

I have no need for city government. The police don't protect us from violent crime. Fire could be dealt with in a number of different ways. Trash pickup could be done cheaper and more efficiently without the local government monopolies running the show. So why do we allow them to exist? Lies, myth, and uneducated populace?

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