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Monday, March 29, 2010

Toledo public school salaries are excessive

Police are not the only ones who are overpaid compared to the average normal person salary. Even TPS employees share in the plunder.
Of the 5,157 workers who received TPS pay last year, 686 made more than $70,000 and 20 made more than $100,000, according to a database provided by the school district.
With such extravagant expenses like this, it's no wonder the city is so severely broke. And those figures don't even include pensions, health care, and days off. Teachers defend this by saying they "work long hours". HA.

I'm sure some of them do work hard, but so does everyone else that has a job. It's nothing but an extremely poor justification for spending taxpayer money taken by force. The local school district already spends $7658 per student on a decidedly sub-par education.

Then these people have the gall to ask the taxpayers for even more. Enough is enough. The education of my children is too important to be left to the state. That is why I plan on home schooling them. Toledoans need to stand up for themselves and tell the school district to bugger off.

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