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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Toledo officials given raises up to 26.9%

In a big middle finger to the taxpayers of Toledo, the new mayor has decided to hand out even more big raises to his employees. This comes moments after he is seeking 10% pay cuts for union workers and a tax increase for the hapless residents. I don't know how anyone can possibly take this guy seriously after pulling this stunt.

He tried to justify it by saying it is "important that employees like Ms. Wallace are properly compesated for their work". Bullocks. How many people receive raises in this kind of economic climate when their company is in the hole almost $50 million per year?

This lady and the others ought to be ashamed of receiving this extra money that has been fleeced from the people. Increased costs and reduced city services are typical government responses when regular poor citizens supposedly need help the most. Unemployment is still rising and there is no "recovery" in sight, despite what the government's media lapdogs are reporting.

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