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Monday, January 11, 2010

The government kills your dogs

The Toledo Blade ran a story about a recent pit bull party held at SylvaniaVET animal hospital. As usual, the government's callous disregard for life (this time animal life) shines through. It's sad that the 35 people who showed up found it necessary to even be in this situation. The Toledo city council recently decided that so-called "pit bulls" are inherently vicious. People are now allowed to own only one. Ohio is the only state that deems pit bulls as inherently vicious. Gee, thanks for protecting me from these horrible animals.

There has recently been a lot of controversy about the number of dogs that Toledo and Lucas County have been killing. They even killed one family's dog and lied to them and tried to cover it up. It's amazing that we still trust government with responsibility over animals. I am completely disgusted that my tax dollars are used for things like this.

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