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Friday, January 15, 2010

CWRU agrees to limit Kindle use until accommodations can be made for blind students

I'm not exactly sure how discrimination law applies to this case. It's one thing to decide not to hire someone solely because of a disability. It's something else entirely to say that someone's use of technology actively hurts you.

The actual DOJ press release isn't entirely clear now the ADA applies in this case..
It is a core priority of the Civil Rights Division to strengthen and expand the educational opportunities for individuals with disabilities.
How does this "agreement" fulfills that mandate? Are they really trying to tell me that holding regular people back actually strengthens those with disabilities? I'm all for helping the disabled, but this isn't the way to do it.

Why should the vast majority of students suffer needlessly just because their device isn't yet ready to serve a handful of people? Can someone please explain how is this is beneficial for the common good? Here is a university in Ohio that could have been leading the way in efficiently using technology. Now because of the government, they can't. Just another prime example of injustice caused by the State.

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