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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Court nixes Toledo's vicious dog rule

Someone finally told them to stop stealing and killing family pets. Yes, the government actually went onto family property, took their dog away and killed it. All because it was of a certain breed they decided was vicious.
"They were family for us. Me and my children are very hurt about it," Mary Kowalik, 30, an unemployed mother of three, ages 3, 4, and 10, said yesterday. 
She said the puppies' mother wasn't aggressive and never had attacked anybody. 
The hubris of these government officials (thugs) is simply amazing. They think they know how we should live. They aren't afraid to use their own ridiculous opinions to make laws that other people suffer under. When will democracy ever stop? Just because they are elected, all of a sudden they are able to take family's pets away and kill them. Where is the logic in that?

It is yet another perfect example of what happens under local democratic government. At least they were told to stop enforcing this rule. There are still countless other idiotic laws all over this country that ruin millions of people's lives. It's not just an isolated bad case in an otherwise good system of government.

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