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Monday, August 4, 2008

The State gets away with murder

The vast hypocracy of the state is nowhere more evident than in the crime of murder. Government agents routinely get away with it, where any normal citizen would be severely punished. Take, for example, today's court ruling for Lima, OH officer Joseph Chavalia. He was acquitted of all charges in the death of a poor black woman during a SWAT team drug raid.

The all-white jury found Sgt. Joseph Chavalia not guilty on misdemeanor charges of negligent homicide and negligent assault. He had faced up to eight months in jail if convicted of both counts.
The first travesty is that the two charges against him were only misdemeanors. Where else but the State could someone guily of murder be charged so lightly? I guess I should be happy that they at least brought some kind of charges against the cop. Most of the time they would actually get a raise for this kind of behavior. Or at the very least a medal for bravery, as was recently the case for those cops in Minnesota.

Secondly, it is commonly recognized among libertarians that the state's prohibition of drugs is what causes this type of violence in the first place. Where else could a victimless crime such as getting high be prosecuted to such a heavy extent?

Chavalia said he saw a shadow coming out from behind a partially open bedroom door and heard gunshots that he thought were aimed at him. It turned out that gunfire he heard was coming from downstairs, where other officers shot two charging pit bulls.
I guess it seems plausible that he could have felt threatened by an unarmed black woman. At least, it does until you begin to question why he was even there in the first place. Let alone shooting up the house's inhabitants. That officer had a choice of whether or not to pull the trigger. If anything, he had a choice of whether or not to enforce the state's drug laws. If the officer deemed them to be inappropriate, as well he should, he could have quit and gotten a productive job in the private sector.

The gangland wars of 1920s Chicago, starring Al Capone, were directly created by the government's prohibition of alcohol. So it is with today's perpetual drug war. Black market gang warlords thrive under the state. Heavy handed measures taken by the state to combat this drug related gang violence only result in the murder of innocent victims like Tarika Wilson. The only thing that will stop drug related violence is to end drug prohibition completely. Not just for marijuana, but ALL drugs.

The state routinely violates human nature by committing the very acts that it deems illegal for normal citizens. This can all stop only when people finally recognize the government for what it is, and refuse to enact its ridiculous provisions. No amount of enforced drug prohibition will ever eliminate drug use. Cheap, plentiful, high quality drugs available at the local corner pharmacy will end the violence.

I am not a drug user by any means. I just don't see anything wrong with other people who want to use them. It's not that scary when you realize that the same exact thing holds true for alcohol. Maybe there would be more people driving under the influence of cocaine. If someone did that and caused an accident, let that be prosecuted as the crime. Just as in alcohol. Everyday drug use in one's own home should not be illegal.

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