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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ohio's public school situation

WCPN reported on a new study from the Center for Education Policy, a group that advocates public education. It includes a report on school restructuring in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. There is a link to the report on their website, but it was down and I couldn't get to it so I'll have to wait till later on that.

Cleveland's schools are consistently failing state and national standards for achievement. "The number of schools that have to be restructured, which is the last stage of change among schools that haven’t been doing well, has doubled in the last year - and the state is grappling with how to try improving so many schools." This amounts to 130 schools in 2007-08.

Eric Gordon, an administrator in the school district, was quick to tout the improvement of three of Cleveland's schools. Improvement to what, he does not say. I guess as long as they keep making small gains it's alright with them.... it's not alright with me, though.

I don't think any amount of improvement in the public school system will convince me to give up my kids education to the state. The education of my children is way too important to be left to faceless bureaucrats in Columbus and DC.

What's my alternative? Home school. I plan on living modestly so my wife and I can have the time and resources to teach my children. The number one argument I hear in favor of public schools is that your children need to be properly social with their peers. When you realize how many opportunities there still are for that, outside of the public school system, that argument seems to fall flat.

One of the brightest parts was that the week these interviews were given, virtually every school tax on ballots across Ohio failed. The sooner we stop paying for schools with more taxes, the better. Throwing more money at the problem won't fix it. As always, strictly private education is the answer.


kannie said...

Oh, gosh, am I ever with you on that one... still have to sell Hubby on it, but yeah, turning kids over to the bureaucrats for their propaganda-ridden indoctrination is not my idea of an education, either ;-).

Lena said...

Amen!!!! Peter and I were talking about this last night. We homeschool so our kids are just fine but I really think the only answer is to get rid of public schools altogether and privatize the whole thing. Can you imagine giving back the money that they are spending per child in schools and letting the parents do the educating or find a place to have them educated with their own money. Nice. It'll never happen though.