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Sunday, August 10, 2008


Add gambling to the list of things the State does which we can't do. Ohio enjoys tremendous profits from their lottery games. Now Keno is on their laundry list of legal gaming. It started this last Monday, and made revenues for the state of $257,000. Total payout for the game was $163,474 - 64% of the wagers placed.

State officials say Keno is expected to bring Ohio $73 million a year. They need the money to offset general revenue funding cuts. Good thing they have this as an option. It sure would be terrible if they didn't have that extra money to waste on their failed programs.

What if I decided I need some more cash to make up my budget shortfall this year? Hmm, maybe I'll install some gambling machines in my house and invite my neighbors over for a night of fun. Oh wait, normal citizens can't do that if they need to make ends meet. We pay them taxes to use force on us to stop us from voluntarily placing bets with our own money. Sounds more like bizarro world to me.

Gambling: yet another Victimless Crime outlawed by the State to take all the profits for themselves. I don't gamble much, and even if I could I probably wouldn't. Poker is my game of choice, which of course I can't do. I wouldn't start my own gaming business either. That doesn't mean other people shouldn't be able to.

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