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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Democracy - leads to bankruptcy?

This is something I've been meaning to write about. I've thought before that democracy, if it works at all, would be best for very small communities. To me it's pretty straight forward where democratic government goes wrong on a federal level. It's easy to spot corruption and mismanagement when you're watching such a large empire. For many people it's not as easy when they're looking at small municipalities.

The federal government is bankrupt, and has run up a massive debt. We know this. But democracy can also be just as hopeless locally as well, as is the case in North Randall, OH. The Plain Dealer reported that the government of North Randall, OH is on the verge of collapse. This village, home to the largest mall in the Cleveland area, used to be booming. As many as 40% of the voters there are now petitioning to dissolve the city.

Perhaps they could get back to fiscal solvency by getting rid of the mayor's $50,000 part time salary and the two officer patrols that cost $100,000 a year. Or they could even just dissolve the government and let everyone keep their hard earned money. It could serve as a new model. If you can't be fiscally solvent, you'll need to go back to private industry and stop feeding off the public. I sincerely hope they would remain government free, rather than falling back in with Warrensville Heights, which surrounds it on three sides. Probably a small chance, but I would love to see that happen.

I also wish they would stop referring to the whole village as being near collapse. There are 850 residents living there who are not collapsing. The village government is what's collapsing. That is a very important distinction. The responsible villagers vs. their parasitic government is what it's really about. Let the villagers voluntarily contract for security and city services.

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