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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sheriff Gerald McFaul gives raises to niece, friends amid 21 layoffs

In a move that would make even the most corrupt political machine bosses proud, the Plain Dealer is reporting that Cuyahoga County's Sheriff has given jobs to his relatives while firing others with 10-15 years more experience. I've seen enough now that I'm convinced that local county government positions and contracts exist only so politicians can give jobs to their friends and relatives that would otherwise be unemployable and unproductive.

I suppose I should be happy that the government fires the most experienced people in favor of favored appointees. On the one hand, this maks them even more incompetent than they otherwise would be if they only had good people in all government positions. On the other, I'm paying through the nose to support bums in office that provide no value whatsoever to my daily life.

For example, the mayor hired his son-in-law as a garage superintendent and gave him a 100 percent raise to basically wash cars and oversee two other city employees. If there wasn't a better example of waste and incomptence, I don't know what. I guess the city needs all their cars to be washed, and they will be just that much cleaner if they pay their employees this well... hogwash.

This isn't the only corruption going on in Ohio's most populous county. The county commissioner and auditor are still under investigation for corruption charges of accepting gifts in exchange for county jobs. People always ask me how we could ever survive without local governments sapping our money and telling us what to do. I wonder how we survive with these hypocrites and scumbags in charge wasting vast sums of our money. We would definitely be better without these parasites, and the sooner people learn this, the better.

The best part is we don't even vote for most of these city positions. We vote for the people who get to appoint their friends and relatives to lucrative make work jobs that provide no value whatsoever to our economy. Quite a system of patronage we have going here. It's simply amazing that people don't care, and yet still claim that this is the best possible system of government we can hope for. I hope and believe we will eventually find a way to prevent these hypocrites from ruling our life.

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