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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Derrick Foster gets 5 years for shooting cops in self defense during drug raid

This former Ohio State football player got his jail sentance. He bowed down to the state and apologized, saying he still respects the police and isn't a bad person. It makes me wonder what he would have gotten for sticking up for himself. I'm not sure I would have been so grovely, but I can't say I blame him for trying to appear remorseful in front of the leviathan.

Very few government policies are so vastly wasteful and hypocracy ridden than the so-called war on drugs. This guy will sit and rot for 5 years in a penitentary for shooting what he thought were robbers busting down his door. This isn't just an isolated case, either. Ryan Frederick is currently suffering the same abuse at the hands of the authorities, except in his case the officer he shot actually died while these two didn't.

The worst part is that no one in the house was charged with any drug crimes. This leads one to ask some serious questions:
Upon what evidence did the police conduct this raid? Why was this "a suspected crack house?" Why no drug charges? What does the affidavit say? Where there any controlled buys at the house? Is it typical for the narcotics unit to conduct three raids in one night? Early reports described a witness who claims to have heard police give an order to smash in the house's windows just prior to the raid. Did that witness hear an announcement? Was it loud enough to be heard by the people inside?
The officers who were shot said nothing except that someone who opens fire on another person needs to be held accountable. This clearly doesn't apply to the police, since they shoot innocent people to death all the time and completely get away with it. Only when they do it, it's called "duty". Well, I guess it really is one of the primary duties of the state to murder innocent people. I think we would be much better off with private competition in security. When it's provided by the government it instantly becomes insecurity.

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