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Friday, February 27, 2009

State promises crackdown on "under the table" pay

Ohio's government is complaining that they aren't able to confiscate as much money from the people as it wants. Boo hoo. They act surprised that some businesses actually try to circumvent taxes and hide their money. When you actually go and look at what your tax money supports, it's no wonder they are trying to do this.

Attorney General Richard Cordray used some pretty fuzzy math to come up with some estimates at what the State is losing... using studies of the undergrond economy in other states, which probably doesn't even apply to this situation. So please forgive me if I laugh out loud at his ridiculous claims. LOL.

What the State calls tax cheating, I would call protecting your income. The State assumes it has the right to take a portion of your money unto itself to provide for payment of "services" that people wouldn't normally want to waste their money on. I really don't blame anyone who doesn't want to play this game.

If my current employer was willing to pay me under the table, I would be more than happy to accept the offer. Alas, they aren't, so I will have to continue paying for a multitude of things I don't support. Anyone who is able to find a decent paying job under the table is a lucky bastard in my book. All the more power to them if they are able to avoid getting caught and thrown behind bars.

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