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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Update: Manna Storehouse wants Lorain county to return $10,000 worth of property

The Stowers family has enlisted the Buckeye Institute in their defense against the government, who raided them at gunpoint and stole their food just a couple weeks ago. I really hope it goes well for them, and I plan on contributing financially to their well being. Please follow that link and take a look. Apart from the video of their statements, you will also find a link to the text of their court filing. Their a detailed description of all the sordid deeds performed by these small men.

This should be a real eye opener to anyone who still believes the government protects the little guy. I'm glad there are people like the Buckeye Institute, who are willing to donate time and effort to help those in need. They are the real ones who are defending freedom today. Not soldiers, not politicians, not the police, and certainly not president Bush or the even the next guy (what's his name).

I can't tell you how wrong it is that people do this to others under the guise of "law". It's one thing for criminals who rob the poor, get caught, and serve time behind bars. It's something else entirely when the very people who claim to be elected to uphold the law are doing it. I wouldn't expect anything different though. They have fooled generations of us into believing that we need their "protection". I don't think they will always exist though. This chaos we call the government will only be around for so long, then it will fail. States always do, and there's no reason to believe America is special.

The Buckeye Institute will be mounting a consitution based defense. We have seen that constitutions don't really protect us from government abuse, but I read an opinion once that it's useful to point out the many ways in which the state violates its own laws. I can see the value in that, but I don't really see much value at all in Ohio's or America's constitutions. Except for the Bill of Rights.

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