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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

State budget cuts

Ohio's democratic governor is cutting the state budget for the second time this year. Cuts this year will be a total of $1.27 billion. At least they can't run on perennial deficits like the feds. How bad is the government's money management skills? Well, this page is one telling source. As of 2008, the total debt was $8,631,565,254, or $753 per person. Ridiculous. If they came and nicely asked each person to give them that much money, there's no way in hell I would comply.

How is it that the state's debt continues to rise while the population falls? One would think that they wouldn't need as much money to service the fewer people who are left. It's obviously not just a Democrat or Republican issue. Both parties are involved in the budgets. Both have to approve what is going on. It's absurd to think they need so much more money each year to govern me effectively.

There are some interesting tidbits about ohio's tax burden at the The Tax Foundation. Here we can see that Ohio's tax burden has been rising pretty much across the board.

Ohio taxpayers have gone from some of the least taxed in the 1970s to some of the most heavily taxed today, climbing 38 places from 45th highest in 1977 to 7th highest in 2008.
Our state's population growth can be seen here. Ohio's growth is 47th in percentage change. So we can begin to see Ohio's recipe for success. Relentlessly raise taxes while the population steadily declines. Kind of makes me wonder why I even choose to live in this state anymore.

In spite of these cuts in Ohio's two-year $52 billion budget mentioned above, governor Strickland insists that his pet programs will still be paid for. Well, hallelujah. As long as the state continues to pay for children's health and college tuition, everything will be alright. I would be in favor of cutting those too. It's not like it does a very good job in health or education. It's funny when people act as if the sky is falling when the state has to cut its budget. I couldn't be happer. Let those people work in gainful employment rather than consume our tax dollars.

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